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About Vianca Consults

In today’s world, there are a lot of unknowns. Without the proper information and analysis, it can be very difficult to take the next step diplomatically or professionally.

At Vianca Consults (VC), we offer a wide range of professional consulting services, individually tailored to meet your needs. These services include Africa-wide due diligence, risk avoidance, corporate investigations in any African country, political risk assessments of your investments, security assessments of your operations and employees abroad, Corrupt Practices compliance consulting, as well as business intelligence counsel , strategy and plans of action for your African operations.
In short, we help turn those unknowns into assurances. We have an extensive network of African resources drawn from political, businesses, financial, legal, diplomatic, public relations and law enforcement communities, as well as up-to-date Internet and media sources. This gives us a unique access to worldwide sources of information on individuals, companies, and your potential partners or clients, including targets in emerging economies and developing nations on the African continent.
VC’s principals, have a lifetime of experience operating in challenging political and economic environments in Africa and beyond. Their record of success in meeting challenges is widely known and respected. VC is known to be among the top companies in the intelligence and security consulting industry in Africa.
When you work with Vianca Consults, you can be assured that you will have an experienced team of professionals working diligently on your side.

VC's Principal Officers

Egesa Ronald Leonard. - Chairman & Principal Consultant

Stephen Whitehead - Head of Africa Operations

Semu Nsibirwa - Head of Technology

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