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Asset Searches


samericaShould you sue? Can you find the funds?

VC has developed a global team of professional investigators able to formulate a thorough, thoughtful strategy for identifying and locating concealed or unknown assets. VC works with clients, from initial assessment to case conclusion. Asset searches are conducted by VC’s international network of investigative, legal, and financial professionals who are skilled at navigating international business operations, including layers of offshore-holdings, complex corporate structures, and money laundering activities.

VC can help you:

  • Identify assets relevant to legal proceedings, whether in determining the viability of filing a lawsuit or pursuing post-judgement enforcement activities.
  • Identify and locate funds associated with embezzlement or other employee misconduct.
  • Navigate layers of corporate structures and corporate holdings to identify African and foreign financial assets
  • Pursue assets that are transferred from one country or jurisdiction to another, using specific in-country investigators familiar with each distinct country and each African country’s legal and business environment
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine investigative steps that are reasonable and likely to succeed, and to eliminate steps that are not viable.
  • Determine whether to pursue recovery through civil recovery or through coordination with law enforcement.

We are experts at finding where and how assets are hidden. If you are in need of a discreet and thorough asset search, let the experts at VC help you.

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