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Business Intelligence

Africa offers incredible opportunities to international businesses. Is your business riding that wave?

Business intelligence, or competitive intelligence: it’s not just big data. It is information you can use, from sources you rely on. Before entering a new market, you need the most accurate information available on current conditions and the likelihood of future changes. If you have a business problem, it may be loaded with uncertainties; you may find that internal reporting is suspect, or local management is less than cooperative. Business intelligence can provide you with the information needed regarding operations, industries, competitors, and the political climate where they are doing business.

Business intelligence can answer important questions about:

  • Your industry in a particular African country. Is there a strong domestic industry? Is the country in need of products or services your company can supply? Is there strong consumer demand? Is the local customer a viable client?
  • The region. Is there adequate infrastructure to support your business operations, or to deliver and service your product? Is political risk an issue?
  • What your competitors are doing. Do they have a presence in the country or region? What are their vulnerabilities? Are they competing on price, quality or other factors?
  • The local government. Is the government supportive of new investment? What sort of red tape can you expect? Will you be exposed to corruption or bribery?

Call today and VC’s business intelligence services will help you formulate the best strategy by giving you a competitive edge and providing you with the information you need to make sound decisions.

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