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Litigation Support


turkey2Lawsuits are a part of the fabric of global corporate operations. Are you prepared?

Whether you are considering a lawsuit, or need to defend against a lawsuit, Vianca Consults can assist. Trained, reliable, and discreet professional investigators in countries around the world can help to assess the facts behind claims for damages or to help prepare your defense. You need to know the strengths and the weaknesses of any claim or proposed defense.

Litigation support services offered by VC include:

  • Working with witnesses. We are able to assist with identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses. We use local investigators, so language is not a barrier in local, in-country interviews.
  • Retrieving documents. Professional investigators around the world can retrieve legal filings, documents that confirm corporate registration of companies, provide or confirm details on individuals of interest, and much more.
  • Developing the timeline / chronology. A critical part of any case, the timeline is essential to developing a persuasive theory of the case.
  • Vetting clients. When a client presents itself, either as Plaintiff or Defendant, it is critical to know your client. Background investigations tailored to the specific case can provide important details.
  • Locating clients in complex litigation. When an incident has multiple parties that are impacted, identifying and locating these parties is essential.
  • Site visit. In any country, the standards for local operations may vary significantly. Photos and other details can help to highlight the venue in which an incident occurred.
  • Providing context. We can help you understand another country or another culture. Country reports, incident reports, or supplemental reviews of existing reports can add another dimension to any case.

VC’s principals have extensive experience in providing international and domestic litigation support. Call on VC’s team of investigators to know all sides of your case.

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