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Political Risk Assessment


tokyoWhat risks are posed by a country’s politicians, government, and its political system?

Before your company starts working in a specific country in Africa, you need to know the risks you’ll be facing that are associated with local and national politics. VC can help you identify and assess those risks so you can make well-informed business decisions.

Through real-time information gathering, analysis, and evaluations, VC can help protect your operations and your investment during times of political change and unrest. Whether it is protests in South Africa, street protests in North Africa, rebellion in South Sudan or the unending wars in West Africa, regime change in Central and East Africa, political risk is an important consideration for any company conducting business in Africa. This is always true in almost all the African countries.

VC’s principals are experts in assessing the political environment of volatile countries. We can:

  • Develop a country report on a specific country or region, addressing political issues, with continuing monitoring operations as appropriate
  • Help your company clarify your exposure to political risk and unrest in the target country
  • Provide in-country assessments of local issues that have the potential to affect your company’s operations
  • Help you develop strategies to maintain your company’s operations while avoiding the effects of political turmoil.

Call VC today for help in assessing the political risks you may face in Africa, how to handle them, and how to keep them from harming your business.

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