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venice2If you are engaged in political or business operations in Africa, we can help assure your success through our wide range of services.

Whether you are new in the African marketplace or its statecraft, or have an existing venture that needs assessment and evaluation, we offer you reliable, discreet, and timely informative data and analysis that allows you to avoid risk and make smart decisions.

We offer a wide range of services, customized to our clients’ needs. If you have a need not covered here, please contact us. We may still be able to help!

Due Diligence (Africa)
VC evaluates, advises and provides individuals, corporations and governments with analysis of the risk factors and potential problems of business partners. We help you make safe and informed choices.Read More

Corrupt Practices Compliance (CPC)
The company’s expertise in African CPC will guide you through procedures and paperwork in any language, or under any government situation, assuring the success of your project.Read More

Executive Background Investigations
Executive background investigations can help you confirm the candidate has the background he or she claims; alert you to possible holes in the candidate’s background; or find out if there are any red flags that should give you pause. Our trained investigators know how to comb through public records and other sources of information to find out what you need to know.Read More

Security and Safety Assessments
Security and Safety Assessments protect your most valuable resources, your work force, and your facilities. VC can provide analysis of security matters in any risk setting to ensure the safety of your personnel and assets.Read More

Litigation Support
Companies, corporate counsel and law firms face legal challenges every day where they need assistance in assessing possible litigation, during the discovery process and trial preparation, or in pursuit of post-judgment remedies. In-country sources available through VC can confirm business registration, retrieve documents, conduct on-site visits (with photos), locate witnesses, interview critical witnesses and provide investigative support that is case-specific.Read More

Corporate Investigations
VC’s investigations can be global, regional or local, ranging from background information on potential business partners to finding employee fraud. Discretion is always a top priority. Read More

Political Risk Assessment
VC can provide you with recommendations and information to protect your investments during times of political change and unrest.Read More

Mergers and Acquisition Support
Use VC’s expertise to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a potential merger or acquisition so you can grow your business confidently. Read More

Business Intelligence
VC is a global intelligence-gathering firm. The principals’ knowledge spans all geographic and industry environments, enabling them to meet your varied needs and circumstances. We can provide you with competitive intelligence on your competitors and industry anywhere in the world.Read More

Asset Searches
VC is an African expert and leader in identifying and tracing assets. As financial transactions have become increasingly complex, involving multiple jurisdictions, you need the ability to identify and track assets from their point of origin to their final destinations anywhere in the world, including offshore havens. Using an international network of investigative, legal, and financial professionals, you will be able to assess your next steps in pursuing legal remedies and recovery of assets.Read More

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